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Поща – Post

Dezember 7th, 2010 · Keine Kommentare

Today I have received post again. Nothing special, as I receive my computer-magazine every two weeks. And it’s quite fast, normally. I often have the issue from Monday already on Wednesday here in Studentski Grad. Okay – this time it was slightly longer. Today, 7th of December, I received the issue from the 22nd of November. Wouldn’t be something special, the duration of postcards and letters varies from 3 days to two weeks.

But today I had another postcard – from Japan! A friend from my university sent it to me while he was on an Asia trip. Perhaps I should go back to the university in Frankfurt to get my flights paid… ;-) What’s so special on this postcard? Well, it has a stamp from Osaka, saying it was sent on 15. of September – almost three months! I guess I’ve never received something which was on its way for such a long time.

All the cards made it to the concierges down here or collected by my caretaker. Very nice service. And on almost every card is a stamp from its post office of origin and a second one from Sofia, so the duration is easy to be found out.

At this point I want to say thanks for all your cards from around the world! Only the continents Africa, South-America and Antarctica are missing so far – someone knows someone there? ;-)

Here are some pictures of the postcards, all addresses written in different ways – but all came here. In more or less long time….

If you made it till here: I’m really happy about post I receive here! If you like – sent me a card :-) The address should be found on the pictures in different ways. Or in my first entry from Sofia at the end. Thanks in advance!

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